About Us


The Digmin Group was launched in January 2012 by Gerald Chapman,

founder and CEO of Protech Khuthele Holdings Limited, to incorporate

a number of associated mining and construction companies currently

operating in Africa servicing the mining, private and public sectors.

In 2011 Gerald came out of retirement to pursue an opportunity with Shanta Gold Mining

Company to build the mine infrastructure and manage the opencast mining contract at the

New Luika Gold Project in Tanzania.

This led to the acquisition of two local Tanzanian contractors, Bamboo Rock Limited

and Bamboo Rock Drilling Limited. Then followed the formation of BC Mining Limited.

Both BC Mining and Bamboo Rock Drilling continue to grow from strength to strength

with strong contract performances for Shanta Gold, Acacia Mining, and Magnis Resources.

Back home in South Africa Gerald’s reputation for “fast track” bulk earthworks and civils

contracting soon opened doors for the launch of Bamboo Rock Construction, which focused

on bulk earthworks and infrastructure development and achieved a first year turnover of

R200 million. Bamboo Rock Construction is led by a formidable team of experienced contract

managers who have managed in excess of R20 billion worth of contracts with Gerald over the

last 26 years.

In addition to operations in South Africa and East Africa, the Digmin Group is also invested

in mining exploration and development partnering with Cradle Arc Plc, Penmin (Pty) Ltd,

Luiri Gold Mines Ltd (Zambia), Mowana Copper Mine (Botswana) and IMS in Saudi Arabia.

With an annual turnover in excess of a billion rand, exceptionally low gearing, and an

impressive five-year profit history, the group is well equipped and financially able to gear up

rapidly to service projects coming on stream in Africa and the Middle East.

The Digmin Group’s value proposition is underpinned by innovation, flexibility, cost efficient

solutions, on-target delivery and years of invaluable experience in the contracting service

industry, a reputation that we preserve at all levels.